Unstoppable- becoming the change you want to see.


The origins of Able Mobility Solution came out of our experiences navigating and advocating for independent living for our family.

We encountered what seemed to be at times a system set up to reduce independence to anyone with decreased mobility, rather than improve their lives, and this ultimately brought us to seek for a change.

We realised we had the skills to be part of the change to the mobility and healthcare that industry that we wanted to see.

Our journey to this point was not without a significant amount of challenges.

After the mobility of family members took a down-turn, we, of course, looked for help to make everyday life better. We found none- we were expected to struggle, and we ended up fighting very hard for support.

No one should go through being mistreated by healthcare professionals, institutions or organisations.

I could tell you about the physical and emotional damage, the lack of trust, that caused us- whether it was through their ignorance, misinformation, or possibly even malice.

But I’m not going to, because, several years on, we are not broken by what we went through. ‘Normal life’ for us will never be back to where it used to be, but we can move forward, strong, despite our experiences.

And- I don’t think the people who caused what we went through deserve the time dwelt on their negativity. They have to live with the repercussions of their own behaviour- that is their issue, not mine.

It was ultimately the professionals who did support us, who inspired us to make the decision to actively challenge the lack of independence and detrimental attititude we’d encountered by setting up Able Mobility Solutions and became UK retailers of the FourX all-terrain powerchairs.

Being the change we want to see, and unstoppable when faced with adversities- just like the FourX!


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