Chocolate Eggs Vs Diet


Second week of the Easter holidays, and I think my youngest two boys may have eaten their body weight in chocolate after having a sleepover at their big sister’s house!

If I don’t buy it, I’m not going to eat it, and this keeps me away from the creme eggs… Richard however has developed willpower of iron after a visit to the GP, and has cut out everything sweet/fattening, so no easter eggs for him this year, just a need for new clothes since he’s losing weight!

Buying summer clothes seems to have summoned more rain, and today has been difficult to get the test-drives needed on some of the mobility scooters and wheelchairs we have in done inbetween the storms! The changable weather is also playing havock with pain levels, which did remind me when I was looking for summer clothes that buying sandals isn’t a good idea since my ankles/feet hate me when I wear them.

Driving back from a weekend demo last weekend, and we were surprised the warm weather turned much cooler and windier as we got close to home, but it’s easy to forget how close we live to the coast. Seagulls on top of the shop this afternoon threw down a bread roll, which bounced off my car- raining sandwiches?


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