The fastest home shopping delivery unpacker in the west…


I’ve had our online food shopping delivered for years- since my now-adult children were toddlers, but nearly weekly probably since about 2010 onwards- probably every week without exception for the past five years.

I have a system for unpacking, created initially from lots of children and lots of pets trying to help/eat the food/make a run out the door/all of the above, then fine-tuned from chronic pain and misguidedly trying to get through it quickly to avoid my hands hurting.

My plan is based on one action- throw it inside as fast as possible! Even if I drop it!

Apparently this now means I’m known as the ‘fastest unpacker in the west’ at our local tesco, which makes me laugh!

I told my daughter this one day when I was at her house when her own shopping arrived- she told me I’m weird!

‘Organised’ is the word I think she meant, but I’ll accept weird, too!

I started a mural on the showroom wall over a year ago, originally as part of my Christmas decorations in 2021, when I had the idea to create a wheelchair outline out of strings of lights on the wall. I began intending to get it finished fairly quickly, but for one simple reason stopping me- my wrists and hands hurt. I do work on it sometimes but many days just driving the car has been enough for my hands, never mind picking up a brush, so it’s pushed to the back of my list, which is a long list…

Form and function always have their place in any business, and one of our main aims is to choose well designed products that work well. So many mobility aids seem to be poorly athestically designed, yet needed for their practicality, and it’s disheartening sometimes to feel like your own home is taken over with lumps of plastic- take your average sofa


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