Able Mobility Solutions isn’t like other mobility companies. Not just because of the products we sell, like the unbeatable FourX DL all-terrain powerchair.

So what sets up apart?

Our perspective!

Because we know and understand first hand due to our own experiences, we’re different to other companies.

We’re not slicked-back haired, pointy-shoed salesmen, with a patter that doesn’t take into account the practicalities of life with a disability.

We know you want to know things like how can this wheelchair help you be more independent, how comfortable is the seat, how does this wheelchair cope over bumpy pavements, how can this wheelchair fit into your life?

We have real experience of our products

You don’t hear those shiny salesmen from other companies tell you a wheelchair can change your mindset, as well as give you freedom to go anywhere.

You don’t hear those salesmen and reps tell you how being able to be more independent and not relying on other people, can improve your confidence everyday.

Because we understand what it’s like to be in our customer’s position, we know how much the right wheelchair can change everything for you. We want you to get the most out of life. Through the FourX, we discovered the limitations of disability really can be challenged sucessfully.

From being able to go out and not worry about finding lowered kerbs, to knowing an icy or snowy day won’t keep you indoors, to just being able to know there aren’t restrictions to where you can go in your wheelchair anymore- wet leaves, stones, sand, gravel, cobbles- nothing will stop you! Reach up to high shelves with the FourX DL lift, communicate at eye-level with the FourX DL Stand Support System.

The FourX is life-changing, and knowing the change it brought to us, to our whole family, we want to make sure other people experience the same feeling of being unstoppable with the FourX!


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