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You can contact any of the team directly by telephone or email using the numbers or links below, as well as from the contact us page.

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Richards photo Duke Delicia Ben
Richard Nock

Assistance Dog

Delicia Nock

Ben Nock

Qualified mechanic & photographer rolled into one. Talks all day. Gets stuff done (eventually!).

'I don't talk ALL day...'

Working hard to pick things up off the floor, open doors and be the Best Dog Ever.


Makes decisions. Sorts stuff out. Likes making things.

''I'll do that in a minute.'

Ben is Delicia and Richards oldest son, he has witnessed some of the daily challenges faced by families with disabilities and is working hard to improve the lives of our customers and help them maintain their independence.

''Why is the dog before me on this?

Hey, that's my baby photo!'

07807 555 080
  07805 739 099
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Our Mission

Able Mobility Solutions are revolutionising the way mobility products are showcased and sold by removing obstacles to obtaining good quality and stylish products that increase independence, reduce challenges and increase self-esteem, confidence and show a positive role model to other people.

Our showroom and workroom are fully accessible, and our friendly staff will listen to your personal challenges and assist you to improve your life with our well-made and extensive products.

• Our prices are fair.

• We provide clear information regarding our products.

• Our polices are transparent- no hidden fees or terms.

• Our services are customer-focused.

All-terrrain powered chairs give freedom and confidence to the user. From off-road woodlands, rough terrain, ice, snow and sand... conventional wheelchairs and scooters cannot compete, and leave the user stranded, while all-terrian chairs increase the users participation in social events and remove the physical barrier to many areas.


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