The FourX range of all-terrain wheelchairs

The FourX DL is for everyday, for ALL terrains

Explore without restriction

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Able Mobility Solutions Ltd are delighted to present the FourX DL of all-terrain powered wheelchair, manufacturered and designed in Finland by Moventuras.

When we say all-terrain, we mean ALL terrain!

On the street, over kerbs, uneven ground, cobbles, stones, grass, mud, sand, snow and ice, and at home on your carpets and tiles- the FourX is a true all-terrain powerchair without restrictions, giving you freedom and independence everyday.

Setting the standard for all-terrain powerchairs, the FourX has unbeatable everyday performance wherever you go. 

Undeniably the best all-terrain powered wheelchair on the market today, no other powerchair comes close to the ability of the unstoppable FourX!

Each FourX DL is custom-built for the user, giving unrivalled comfort for daily, continuous use.  

Manoeuver indoors as easily as outside, with a 69.5cm axel width and 1.15 turning circle.

The FourX DL range are also road legal (DVLA Class 3 Vehicle), with front and rear headlights and indicators fitted as standard.

Crash tested and certified for use as a passenger seat in a vehicle (when secured with appropriate anchoring system compliant with ISO 7176-19:2001)

The FourX range evolves with you- it’s easy to upgrade after purchase and add on the Seat-Riser or Stand Support System at a later date without the need to buy a new wheelchair, saving you thousands of pounds!

And with a 5-year parts and labour warranty, and 10 year frame warranty, alongside yearly servicing by professional specialist engineers, you can be confident your FourX DL will be in optimal condition for your busy lifestyle- for years to come.   

FourX all-terrain powered wheelchairs

Go anywhere with the FourX- on the street, in shops, on uneven ground, over kerbs, ice, snow, grass, mud, woodland, rocks, stones, sand, pebbles, cobbles, at work and in your home.

Our bespoke FourX all-terrain wheelchairs are delivered in as little as 4 weeks from ordering.

On-the-road (or grass, or mud, or sand, or snow…) prices, with VAT relief, start from only


The FourX gives unparalleled comfort and manoeuverability, thanks to the unique suspension and frame design.

Outdoors, and Inside, too!

Fantastic outdoor capabilities, unstoppable indoors.

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Get up to £2000 off the price of a new custom built FourX DL.