Able Mobility Solutions Ltd is an independent service and repair centre for all types of powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters and unlike other repair centres we will maintain and repair your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair whether you have purchased it from us or from elsewhere.

All our work is guaranteed for 12-months, and we are fully insured, giving you complete peace of mind.

We also are authourised to service and repair the FourX range of all-terrain powerchairs in the UK.

Our small, dedicated team of specialists can maintain or repair most types of manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Unlike many other mobility companies, we will service or repair your mobility equipment regardless of whether or not you purchased from us. Our passion is maintaining your independence by keeping you mobile.

We offer service and maintenance packages to help spread the cost, too!

Contact Able Mobility Solutions for more details.

We offer a wide range of adaptation, maintenance and repair services for most types of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs, these include the following;

  • Accident Damage Repairs;
  • Addition of Bespoke Equipment;
  • Annual Strip-down Service;
  • Battery Health Check;
  • Battery Replacement;
  • Bodywork Repairs;
  • Electrical Fault Finding;
  • Electrical Repairs;
  • Insurance Assessments;
  • Insurance Repairs;
  • Metal Frame Repairs;
  • Motor Health Check;
  • Motor Repairs;
  • Transaxle/Gearbox Health Check;
  • Transaxle/Gearbox Repairs;
  • Tyre & Inner Tube Health Check;
  • Tyre & Inner Tube Replacement;
  • Vehicle health Check;

All of this work is carried out to the highest possible standards by our small team of qualified technicians, in our fully equipped workshop which is located in Talbot Green. If you need your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair collected and brought to our workshop, this can be arranged for a fee of £3 per mile.

Some of the benefits of getting us to carry out a service or repair on your mobility equipment are;

  • Free estimates for repairs.
  • Home collection/delivery Service.
  • Trained qualified technicians.
  • We do not carry out repairs without your authorisation.
  • Annual Maintenance recall service.

You can book a service or repair by calling 0800 634 9143, emailing or using the booking form on this page.

    Annual Strip-Down Service

    Regular servicing and maintenance is vital if you want to keep your mobility equipment reliable and ensure that you can remain as active as possible. Our Annual Strip-down Service is one of our most in-depth services, we strip you mobility equipment down to the frame, and check every component.

    During an Annual Strip-down Service we carry out the following tasks.

    • Test the condition of the batteries;
    • Test the operation of the battery charger;
    • Inspect the condition and test the operation of the seating;
    • Inspect the condition of the wheels & tyres;
    • Check and adjust the tyre pressures;
    • Check the condition, and function of the wheel bearings;
    • Check the condition, and function of the suspension;
    • Check the condition, and function of the Controls;
    • Check and test the wiring loom, and wiring loom connections;
    • Check the condition, and test the operation, of the Lights, horn, speed and throttle controls;
    • Check the condition, test the function, and clean the mechanical and magnetic brakes;
    • Check the condition of the chassis frame and tiller;
    • Check the condition and function of the steering rack, column/tiller;
    • Check the condition and function of the chassis Joints and Transaxle mounts;
    • Check the condition, clean, and test the function of the motor(s), replacing any worn bearings;
    • Check the condition, clean, and test the function of the transaxle/gearbox(es), replacing any worn bearings or seals and replacing the gearbox grease;
    • Where possible we download, and check, the onboard computer logs;
    • Conduct a one hour test drive that tests the equipment on a variety of terrains and in a range of circumstances;
    • Every Strip-down service includes a mini-valet
    • An engineers report that details the work that has been completed and any findings or recommendations. Each report contains detailed written findings with imagery.

    The cost of a strip-down service is only £250 with vat relief, a bargain when you consider how much work is involved.

    If any major faults, broken components or excessive wear is discovered during the service, we will contact you to offer advice and quote any additional costs before proceeding with the repair.

    You can book a service by calling 0800 634 9143, emailing or using the booking form on this page.


      Your batteries are very important, they make your scooter or wheelchair move, the lights and equipment fitted to it work and help you go where you need to with the freedom that you deserve.

      Batteries fail for a variety of reasons, some of these are listed below;

      Faulty charging: If your battery charger has a fault or you incorrectly charge your batteries.

      Age: When your batteries get old, they begin to fail, this means that the distance you can travel on a full charge will reduce and eventually they won’t be able to use your mobility equipment.

      Cold weather: Cold weather affects every part of your wheelchair or mobility scooter which puts more strain on older batteries.

      A battery test costs £35 plus vat but is free if your batteries are faulty and you choose to purchase your batteries from us at the time of the inspection.

      You can book a battery inspection by by calling 0800 634 9143 or emailing


      Whether it is an insurance repair, or self financed bodywork repair, looking after your mobility equipments bodywork and frame is vital to ensure that it will be as safe as possible.

      You can book an investigation or repair by by calling 0800 634 9143 or emailing


      Electrical faults can cause your mobility equipment to become unsafe or unreliable. Finding the fault or faults and repairing them is vital to ensure that your mobility equipment is as safe and reliable as possible.

      You can book an investigation or repair by by calling 0800 634 9143 or emailing

      Tyres & Suspension

      Keeping your tyres, inner tubes and suspension in good working order is vital to ensure that your mobility equipment is safe.


      Tyres are one of the most important parts of your mobility scooter or wheelchair and yet they are often the most overlooked part. Your tyres connect you to the road or pavement, they help you speed up, slow down, steer, avoid sliding and stop safely.

      Like most things, tyres are affected by age and either frequent or not enough use. Tyres can crack or split, lose grip, become deflated (if pneumatic) and even become misshapen if solid tyres.

      We have listed some of the questions that we are asked most frequently along with the answers to help you understand the importance of responsible tyre care;

      What does my tyre tread do?

      The tread of your tyre helps your wheelchair or mobility scooter grip the road or pavement, these grooves help move the water when driving through puddles or surface water allowing the tyre to grip helping you accelerate, slow down and keep control

      What is the minimum tread depth?

      Whilst there is no minimum tread depth for tyres on wheelchairs and mobility scooters we recommend that you avoid wearing your tyre tread below 1mm, this is the minimum depth for tyre tread for motorcycles in the UK. If you’re in doubt about the safety of your tyres then we can check them for you and advise you on if, and when, to replace them.

      How often should I check my tyres?

      Your tyres are checked during every annual service, these checks should give you an indication of how long you have left before your tyres need to be replaced. We also recommend that you check your tyres for signs of low tread “balding” of the tyres and low tyre pressure or flat tyres each day before you go out in your mobility scooter or wheelchair.

      How often should I replace my tyres?

      Your tyres should be replaced if they become damaged or if the tread depth is below the recommended limit. Whilst we would love to give you a timescale for this, it really depends on how often you use your mobility scooter or wheelchair and how far you travel when you do, the simple rule is the more that you use your mobility scooter or wheelchair, the more often you will need to replace the tyres.

      Which is best, Solid “puncture proof” tyres or inflatable “Pneumatic” tyres?

      This is mostly down to personal preference although some mobility scooters and wheelchairs come with only solid tyres.

      Pneumatic tyres: These tyres are inflatable so they give a smoother ride, they must have the correct air pressure set to ensure that they have good grip and that the tyre lasts for as long as possible.

      Solid tyres: These tyres are puncture proof which ensures that you will not get stuck with a flat tyre but it does mean that the ride is more bumpy and less comfortable.

      You can book a tyre, Steering or Suspension inspection or repair by by calling 0800 634 9143 or emailing

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