Boot Hoists

Why do customers choose the Smart Lifter LP Range?

As well as lifting the heaviest scooters an power chairs, the Smart Lifter LP Range fits perfectly inside many different makes and model of car.

How does it work?

Stylish and strong, the Smart Lifter LP Range is also easy to use thanks to a simple operating system that makes loading your mobility scooter into your vehicle possible at the merest touch of a button.

Lifting capacity

The Smart Lifter LP Range is ideally suited to lifting heavier scooters and power chairs. Its maximum lifting capacity is 200kgs!

Why do customers choose the Smart Lifter LM Range?

The Smart Lifter LM Range makes light work of loading and unloading thanks to its user-friendly operation and clever, compact design. Straightforward to fit, suitable for a wide range of vehicles and easily detachable when not in use, the Smart Lifter LM Range can also be easily removed when it is time for the customer to sell their vehicle.

How does it work?

A hand-held controller is all the customer needs to operate the Smart Lifter LM Range, which uses less power drawn from the car battery to lift your scooter or wheelchair to the correct height before it can be guided into the vehicle’s boot and gently lowered into place.

Lifting capacity

The Smart Lifter LM Range is ideally suited to lifting smaller mini scooters and wheelchairs. Its maximum lifting capacity is 80kgs!

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