FourX DL


The FourX DL is an incredible all-terrain powered wheelchair with amazing capabilities that far exceed those of other powered wheelchairs. Effortlessly explore the great outdoors and manoeuvre around your home with ease.

Every FourX DL model has been engineered for practicality and functionality, thanks to its unique and well-engineered design.

The unique chassis design and suspension system has been engineered to offer the same consistent flexibility and comfort when on bumpy terrain as on the city streets. This comfortable ride is paired with a one-of-a-kind split-axle steering that makes the FourX DL as manoeuvrable as it is comfortable. Additionally, the FourX DL has a powerful 1000w four-wheel drive system giving it the ability to overcome and manoeuvre around any obstacles that you may encounter throughout your day.

Every FourX DL all-terrain powered wheelchair is class 3 DVLA compliant making it road legal, and crash tested to UK and international standards for use as a passenger seat in a motor vehicle when tied down with appropriate restraints.

Seeing truly is believing and we are so confident that you will be impressed by the capabilities and comfort of the FourX DL that we offer a FREE home demonstration and assessment anywhere throughout mainland UK.

You can book your FREE home demo by using the booking form on the ‘Book a demo’ tab or by pressing the ‘Book FREE FourX Demo’ button at the top right-hand corner of this website. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 634 9143 or email us via the ‘Contact Us’ page.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Features & Specification


  • Length                                                           127cm - 137cm
  • Width                                                                                   69cm
  • Seat Height without cushions                               47cm
  • Seat Width                                                      52cm – 60cm
  • Seat Depth                                                      39cm – 51cm
  • Headrest        Height, depth and angle adjustment
  • Maximum User Weight                                           125kg
  • Total Weight without batteries                          125kg


Electrical/Control System

  • Battery - Gel                                                    2x 12v 70ah
  • Battery Charger                                                  24v 8amp
  • Motors                          24v 1000w (4x 24v 250 watt)
  • Control System                                                             R-net
  • Speed Modes                                             10kph (6mph)
  • Approximate Range                                                 41 Km



  • Turning Radius                                                           115cm
  • Ground Clearance                                                       12cm
  • Max Curb Height                                                        15 cm
  • Maximum Slope                                               20 degrees


Standard Equipment

  • Backrest                                                                       Manual
  • Footrest                                                                        Manual
  • Armrests                            Adjustable Wide Guttered
  • Wheel Size Options                                6inch or 8inch
  • Lights - Front & Rear          DVLA Compliant (LED)
  • Seat Belt                                                                                Lap
  • Gravity Point Adjustment                               Powered
  • Colour - Plastics & Wheels                   Grey, Black, or Custom Paint



  • Backrest                                                                     Powered
  • Footrest - Length Compensating                 Powered
  • Maximum User Weight                                           160kg
  • Colour - Plastics & Wheels               custom finishes


Further Information

  • DVLA Vehicle Class                                                              3
  • Crash Tested           UK & International Standards*

*Must be tie down with approved system when used as a passenger seat in a vehicle.


This FourX DL comes with the following warranties;

10 Year frame warranty

5 year parts and labour warranty


Should a fault occur with a part that is covered by the warranty, and the fault has occurred under normal usage, you will not pay for any repairs throughout the term of the warranty.

The warranty covers faults that occur under normal usage but does not cover any faults or damage that occur as a result of misuse, improper storage or accidental damage. Whether a fault has occurred under normal usage will be determined by Able Mobility Solutions Ltd, or Moventuras.

Details of the warranty terms and exclusions are provided when you purchase your custom FourX DL.

Delivery options

This FourX DL qualifies for the following collection or delivery options;


Customer Collection

This FourX DL is available for collection from our showroom in Talbot Green.


Personal delivery

This FourX DL qualifies for in-person delivery and set up by a member of our team to your delivery address. This is free of charge for addresses located within mainland UK.

Pay in a single instalment

You can choose to pay for your new FourX DL in one instalment. This means that you will pay the full purchase price by bank transfer when you approve your order. For example, if you order your wheelchair on the 1st of January and the order total is £9,750.00 then this figure is payable on the 1st of January.


Instalment plans

Pay in up-to 11 instalments

You can choose to spread the cost of your new FourX DL by spreading the payments over several instalments. The typical number of instalments that our clients opt for is 11, a deposit and up-to 10 equal monthly payments.

Below is a choice of payment plans to help you spread the cost of your new FourX DL Lift and the first years maintenance.


Purchase cost only (if wheelchair purchased for £9750.00)

This plan covers the cost of the mobility equipment and any delivery cost.

Deposit                                £7000.00

10x Installments                  £275.00


Purchase plus Maintenance Plan (if wheelchair purchased for £9750.00)

This plan covers the purchase cost of the mobility equipment plus the annual maintenance plan which covers the cost of the annual service, tyres and batteries, this does not take into account any special offers or discounts that may be applied.

Deposit                                £7000.00

10x Installments                  £306.00


These payment plans are payable via bank transfer or direct debit, the deposit is payable at the time of ordering your FourX DL, the remaining instalments are payable on the 15th of each month.

The first instalment will be due on the 15th of the month following the deposit payment. For example, if you order your FourX DL on 1st of January, the deposit will be due on the 1st of January, the first instalment will then be due on the 15th of February and the final instalment is due on the 15th of November.


Book your FREE home demo of the FourX DL, or request more information, by filling out the form below.

Technical specification

Price: 13099.00

Body-Type: Class 3

Dealers Details


Phone No 0800 634 9143

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