Trionic Rollator Walker

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Trionic Rollator Walker

A high quality mobility aid with a wide range of exceptional features, the Trionic Rollator Walker makes walking easier, safer and more comfortable.

The Trionic Rollator Walker is designed to make walking with it easier, safer and more comfortable, whilst the design makes this rollator stylish as well as practical. This walker utilises a synchronised steering system to prevent shimmying wheels and making the frame smooth to manoeuvre, whilst the parking brake ensures that when the seat is used, the frame cannot move and potentially cause injury. From the soft polyurethane wheels to the aluminium brakes, safety is always paramount. Users can find purchase on all but the very roughest terrain and brake whenever required.

This exceptional mobility aid can also be folded and the wheels are removable to make for easier storage and transportation. The integrated basket allows users to carry items such as shopping, reducing over-exertion and strain. The ergonomic design makes the Trionic Rollator Walker gentle on the hands, wrists and shoulders, protecting them from jarring movements which can easily result in aches and pains. This rollator also comes with a 10 year guarantee on all parts not subject to normal wear and tear, providing peace of mind that this aid is built to last.

Available with a choice of wheel sizes.

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9 inch, 12 inch


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