Troja Neuro Four Wheeled Rollator

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These Topro Troja Neuro Walker are a highly unique rollator that features automatically activated brakes to provide the user with utmost safety when walking. The specially designed and developed reversed braking system helps to prevent the risk of falls whilst also offering additional safety when sitting down and standing up with the brakes always activated. To promote good walking posture and increase user comfort the handles on the Topro Troja Neuro are height adjustable through a good range. By using only one hand, and with only a few simple movements, the Topro Troja Neuro can be folded up to a highly compact size, ready for storage or transportation. Simply push down the handles during transport or storage to maximise space and when you open the rollator up again and pull on the handles they will automatically stop exactly at your set height. The Topro Troja Neuro comes with large 200mm (8″) diameter wheels to ensure maximum manoeuvrability it also boasts a kerb lifter and edge guards to allow it to tackle obstacles like thresholds and kerbs with ease. Unique and like no other this Topro Troja Neuro is fitted with comfort wheels that have been specially designed to deal with uneven surfaces providing a comfortable and secure ride over unsurfaced roads, cobblestones and other rough terrains. As standard this rollator is supplied with a handy shopping bag that is capable of holding up to 10 kgs (22 lbs) of weight, the bag is mounted on the front of the rollator to offer accessible storage when out and about. To allow for ease of storage even where space is at a premium the Topro Troja Neuro is highly compact when folded and will safely stand on its four wheels in the up-right position, the compact size also makes it suitable for popping in the boot of a car, making it ideal for travelling.

Features and Benefits:

  • Exceptionally elegant, aluminium lightweight rollator
  • Unique reversed braking system means brakes are always activated
  • Brakes can be manually operated if required
  • Well designed, very high quality four wheel rollator
  • Ergonomically designed handles offer ultimate comfort
  • Comfort wheels for a more comfortable, steady ride
  • Easily adjustable handle height for comfort and support
  • In built memory remembers users height setting
  • Large shopping bag is both functional and versatile
  • Large wheels & lightweight frame for user control
  • Kerb lifter feature overcomes obstacles like kerbs
  • Can be folded quickly using only one hand
  • Folds to compact size for easy storage or transport


  • Colour: Silver
  • Minimum recommended user height: 1350mm (4′ 5″)
  • Maximum recommended user height: 1700mm (5′ 7″)
  • Rollator length: 650mm (25.5″)
  • Rollator width: 600mm (23.5″)
  • Maximum handle height: 860mm (33.75″)
  • Minimum handle height: 710mm (28″)
  • Width between handles: 470mm (18.5″)
  • Rollator seat height: 540mm (21.25″)
  • Rollator folded height: 740mm (29″)
  • Rollator folded width: 240mm (9.5″)
  • Rollator folded length: 650mm (26″)
  • Shopping bag weight capacity: 10 kgs (22 lbs)
  • Rollator weight: 7.4 kgs (16.25 lbs)
  • Maximum user weight: 125 kgs (19.75 stone)


  • Minimum recommended user height: 1500mm (4’11”)
  • Maximum recommended user height: 2000mm (6’7″)
  • Rollator length: 650mm (25.5″)
  • Rollator width: 600mm (23.5″)
  • Maximum handle height: 1000mm (39.25″)
  • Minimum handle height: 780mm (30.75″)
  • Width between handles: 470mm (18.5″)
  • Rollator seat height: 620mm (24.25″)
  • Rollator folded height: 800mm (31.5″)
  • Rollator folded width:240mm (9.5″)
  • Rollator folded length: 650mm (26″)
  • Shopping bag weight capacity: 10 kgs (22 lbs)
  • Rollator weight: 7.8 kgs (17.19 lbs)
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kgs (23.62 stone)

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 66 × 24 × 80 cm

Small, Medium


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